Fish onThe seminars that I run each winter cover a variety of different topics. Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bluefin Tuna, Offshore Shark Fishing, Bonefish, Trout and False Albacore are all species for which I can put together a presentation. I have been running winter seminars since 1993. I speak at small clubs and angling organizations and I also speak on the national show circuit. I feel strongly that my seminars are different than many that you may have seen in the past. I have a background in marine biology and am a science teacher which makes it possible for me to convey scientific information relevant to sport fishermen in an understandable format. I have an extensive library of aerial footage which allows me to show attendees particular areas but also to teach people how to read and fish waters around the world. Structure fishing, flats and marsh and estuarine techniques are all covered in detail. I also have a unique video incorporating underwater shots of bass, blues and sharks. This video is simply amazing. To see sharks swim by the boat, turn, grab the fly and go crazy is an awe-inspiring sight. The video serves as a short introduction to the slide show. I also have excellent shots of shark fishing with fly rods, a sport guaranteed to capture peoples interest.

I prefer to do presentations of about 1-2 hours. Less than this is usually not adequate to cover all that I like to include. I use slides, and occasionally a short promotional video. Seminar attendees are usually pretty excited about walking away from a quality seminar such as this with a lot of useful information. Call or email me for dates and topics that are currently available. My fees are reasonable and the shows are extremely enjoyable. References are readily available.


School Bluefin along the New England Coast

The past few summers have seen record numbers of school Bluefin tuna ranging along the New England coast from Eastern Connecticut to Eastern Maine waters. These fish are present in huge numbers for about 12 weeks and have stayed as late as early December. The peak fishing is usually in August and September. Capt. John T. Pirie will present an entertaining and informative slide show detailing the habits and biology of these magnificent speedsters as well as the many successful techniques used by he and his crew with trolling gear, light tackle and fly rods. This presentation will feature specific information on the lures, flies, lines, rods and reels best suited to tackling these fantastic predators. Come enjoy an evening that will absolutely whet your appetite for this summer’s school Bluefin invasion. top of page ››

Livelining for Striped Bass along the New England Coastline

Livelining is arguably the most effective way to land large striped bass. Capt. Pirie will show you how to catch, rig and fish a variety of live bait for striped bass. This slide show will also display different types of structure and how to fish them. With the return of the jumbo pogies, lots of mackerel and decent runs of herring, todays bass fishermen have a number of solid choices when going after live bait. top of page ››

Estuaries, Rivers and Marshes From A Striper’s Viewpoint

Capt. Pirie will present a show examining these three diverse striper habitats. Having fished the Ipswich and Essex Rivers and Marshes for the last 30 years, John is able to provide much insight into the strategies necessary for success in these environments. A close examination of tides, bait, flies, and tactics particular to these backwaters will prepare anglers to locate and catch bass in these pristine waters. Aerial photographs will make it possible for seminar attendees to decipher and predict striped bass motion in the marshes. Photo’s of the flats will make it clear that there are certain “striper highways” that these fish will follow each day as they enter and exit the area. Knowing how to read the water is a key to success in any fishing situation. John’s science background in marine geology and stream erosion and deposition clarifies important characteristics of these systems. top of page ››

Fishing The Whitewater on Boston’s North Shore

Capt. John T. Pirie will be presenting a slide show on fishing the rock studded coastline and near shore islands found north of Boston. His presentation will focus on flies and tackle specific to this exciting fishery. Whitewater fishing is the ultimate experience in the favored habitat of the striped bass. Currents and bait are vastly different in this area than what is commonly experienced along beachfronts and within river and estuary systems. Come see spectacular slides and aerial views while learning how to approach this unique fishery. top of page ››

Bonefishing in the Southern Bahama’s

Capt. John T. Pirie will be presenting a slide show derived from his experiences fishing for bonefish on South Eleuthera for the past 15 years. This presentation will include information on prey and feeding styles of these bonefish as well as a survey of the various habitats wherein these fish are commonly found. Attendees will learn how to read shallow southern waters and choose the right flies for the situations they are likely to encounter. Rods, reels and accessories will be discussed in detail. This slide show will introduce you to the thrill of bonefishing while giving you practical information that will make your next trip more successful. top of page ››

Bluefish Tackets in Massachusetts Bay

During the past few seasons, bluefish have started to reappear in our nearshore waters. While their abundance does not compare to the fishing we enjoyed in the 80’s there has, nonetheless, been quite an improvement recently. Capt. Pirie will present an informative talk and slideshow about the techniques best suited to finding and catching these formidable sportfish. He will be discussing terminal tackle, flies, lines as well as the best times, tides and locations to pursue these fish. A portion of the slide show will be dedicated to the excellent offshore bluefishing available in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine waters. This promises to be an excellent show loaded with great photos and lots of information to help your success with bluefish next season. top of page ››

Wyoming Freestone Trout Streams

Cody, Wyoming offers visitors some of the finest freestone trout stream fishing in the world. Come and learn about this beautiful fishery and all that it has to offer. John Pirie has been fishing these streams since his mother taught him how to fly fish at age eleven. He now makes annual trips to these waters with his family where his children, in turn, learn the waters of his childhood. You will learn about the various trout species available at different streams in the Cody area. Bordering on famed Yellowstone National Park, the scenery is breathtaking. You will be taken high into the mountain passes to pursue wild trout that have likely never seen an imitation of a fly. Learn which flies you will need and what kind of equipment to bring. Slides of high altitude fishing will whet your appetite for some Wyoming trout. With over 20 years experience fishing these waters, Pirie has much to share. Discuss knots, leaders, nymphing tactics and other technical aspects of this exciting fishery. Come for a night of entertainment and information. top of page ››

False Albacore Fishing Techniques

Cape Lookout, North Carolina has become one of the premier flyfishing destinations for the false albacore addicts of the world. People have been pursuing these fish for years up and down the coast, but nothing has prepared one for a trip to the outer banks during full Blitz conditions. Breaking fish as far as one can see, birds everywhere and baitballs the size of Lincoln Town Cars all add up to one awesome and often overwhelming experience. Catches of over 50 albies a day are common. Come see slides of all that Cape Lookout has to offer. Capt. Pirie will discuss equipment needs in details since this fishery will ruin all but the finest of equipment. Baitfish, flies, leaders and related gear will all be discussed in great detail. Aerial and underwater video footage will serve to round out the evening. Come for a night of pictures that will be indelibly imprinted in your head. On-Line Fishing Charters boat "Fritter" worked these waters in 1998 and 1999 for two months as part of a small co-op of guides servicing the Cape Lookout area. top of page ››

Shark Fishing in Massachusetts Bay

Join Capt. Pirie for an entertaining evening. You will learn how to lure these predators to boatside, hook, land and release them. We will discuss gear, tackle, chum and fly fishing equipment relevant to these great fish. You will learn how to prepare your boat and crew for a day of offshore fishing. Safety equipment, electronics and other relevant equipment will be discussed in detail. Detailed description of rigging techniques for both fly and traditional equipment will be given. At evening's end you should be more than adequately prepared to tackle the offshore ledges and banks rigged with the knowledge necessary to ensure success. Our slides are informative and entertaining. top of page ››